Thursday, June 28, 2012

A phone can do this too?

A long overdue addition to this space....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

but will it last?

I've started this sort of thing more times than nickels have been minted. Which - to me - is a fresh new way of twisting the "if I had a nickel" thing. (I may as well just admit I'm patting myself on the back over it, just so you know I'm not going to pretend to ignore the imprint of ego/self upon these proceedings.)

But it's also admission this may not last very long.

So many diaries. USENET posts. Blog posts. Emails.

So much reaching out for attention, boardering on a craving that laughs the need to reproduce clear past the dark side of the most distant parallel universe.

(Why doesn't anyone ever speak of perpendicular universes? Ooops! I guess "they" do!)

Well, said craving has apparently collected itself into yet another verbal zit in need of a keyboard scratching.

So here we go. And with a little luck, we can make this whole danged thing work out.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

groovin it at the Excalibur

eat your heart out boys! (and lesbian girls)

Steve and Mary at Melting Pot in Chicago

mannequin (sp?) races?

chilling at some mall (Water Tower?) on Michigan Ave.

Yeah, the women are off being powdered and puffed at Macy's. So Steve and I sat and chatted while working on a couple teas, hunted down the restrooms, and now relax in cozy chairs near the 3rd floor restrooms (next to "White House, Black Market").

Relaxing, but also rather warm, in a wool sweater, a few hours after perhaps the best nachos I've ever had: barbeque pork nachos at "Ditkas" (connected to the hotel).

I think an actress just walked out of the clothier I just mentioned, of the "character" variety (a term which never made sense to me, because don't they all portray nothing but characters? Hmmm.) Can't remember any particular movie or TV show. Always has kind of a concerned, motherly look on her face, with a certain amount of never having really done what she wanted to do with her life, kind of look. You know the look, but you hope you don't have it, you know?

No lack of money in these parts.

Which reminds me: who gets the money from that recent "economic stimulus" package?