Tuesday, January 22, 2008

but will it last?

I've started this sort of thing more times than nickels have been minted. Which - to me - is a fresh new way of twisting the "if I had a nickel" thing. (I may as well just admit I'm patting myself on the back over it, just so you know I'm not going to pretend to ignore the imprint of ego/self upon these proceedings.)

But it's also admission this may not last very long.

So many diaries. USENET posts. Blog posts. Emails.

So much reaching out for attention, boardering on a craving that laughs the need to reproduce clear past the dark side of the most distant parallel universe.

(Why doesn't anyone ever speak of perpendicular universes? Ooops! I guess "they" do!)

Well, said craving has apparently collected itself into yet another verbal zit in need of a keyboard scratching.

So here we go. And with a little luck, we can make this whole danged thing work out.

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