Saturday, January 19, 2008

more bellyaching on how techie stuff never really works the way you'd like it to

Doing a little technical exercise, here. The hope is discovering a reasonably efficient way to upload a bloggish post with a picture to several places at once.

It would appear the notion of "groups" (associated with my "contact list" on my phone) is the key.

Except, of course, nothing ever works the way you'd really like, especially with Verizon.

What's nice about the notion of "groups" on this phone is that a single group becomes an alias of sorts for one or more contacts. Fine. Wonderful, even.

But what sucks is that you can't simply put a group name in the To: field of a txt message. Rather, you select a group, and that brings up a dialog where you have to check the contacts of the group you want included in the To: field. And the default isn't for all to be pre-selected, but for none to be selected.

That means you have to waste time clicking in little checkboxes, when you already knew in advance that you wanted the txt to go to ALL in the group, and generally do.


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